Brock McLaughlin

In the realm of creation, Brock McLaughlin dances on the edge of brilliance, where colors and emotions converge. His canvas, a pulsating heartbeat of raw energy, echoes the spirit of Outsider Art. Born from the cacophony of city life, Brock’s art screams with childlike wonder and whispers the secrets of nostalgia. Each stroke is a dance, a fusion of the abstract and the representational, a rebellion against the mundane. Brock’s journey, is a testament to resilience, a brush with chaos that births beauty. His work invites you to taste the vivid hues of existence, to lose and find yourself again in a splash of color.

Brock is currently a Partner and Managing Director at nuZamuse in Toronto.

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“With a neo-expressionist swagger that would make Basquiat nod in approval, and an urban folk art vibe that captures the heartbeat of city streets, Brock’s canvases are like that unexpected plot twist in your favorite binge-worthy series.” Frame and Flame (Aug 2023)

“Painting Life’s Gray Moments”

Brock’s first solo show opened in Toronto on September 8th, 2023 and ended October 1st, 2023.


Group Exhibitions

“HallowmuZe” nuZamuse, Toronto, 2023

“Colour and Form Society 71st Open Juried Exhibition” Studio M Gallery, Mississauga, 2023

“Fix Up Look Sharp”, NorthernContemporary, Toronto, 2023

“Pancakes and Booze”, Revival, Toronto, 2023


2023, Competitor, Secret Walls, Art Basel, Miami, USA

Awards & Grants

Nominated, Color and Form Society 71st Open Juried Exhibition, 2023

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